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Board Game Memories

A picture of the Stop Thief board game from 1979

David and Michael reminisce about some classic board games from their childhood. Learn about ten games from the late seventies to mid eighties. Sure to entertain...if you're into that sort of thing. :)

Click HERE to listen.

Below is some information on each of the games. Thanks to

Rebound: A fun, shuffleboard / curling type game in which you shoot pucks across a double bumper with the hopes of scoring big.

Jaws: A spring-loaded dexterity game in which you fish junk out of the mouth of the killer great white shark, Jaws!

Smurfs 3D board game: Big fun with your little blue pals in an exciting three dimensional game. Gather all of the bushels of food and make it back to the Smurf village. But watch out for Azrael!

Family Ties: Gather the Keatons and $100 for a family picture. But can you avoid the dreaded Skippy card?

Krull: Can you save Princess Lyssa from the Beast? Find out in this confusing and somewhat disappointing game, based off of the confusing and somewhat disappointing movie!

Commercial Crazies: The VCR board game where paying attention to the commercials can actually help you win!

ET: The Extra Terrestrial: Can you help ET build his communication device and make it home? Put on his ghost costume, gather chips (let's face it, they're really Reeses Pieces), and look out for Gertie and the adults as you help ET fly!

Mystery Mansion: Explore a mansion that you "build" as you play, all while seeking treasure chests and keys. Can you escape the mystery mansion and win?

Clue VCR Mystery Game: An eighties twist on the classic Clue game. Watch the scenes and pay close attention in order to solve the clues and catch the murderer(s)! A campy classic that can be surprisingly challenging!

Stop Thief: The best game you have never heard of? In our opinion, yes! A classic (or if it isn't, it should be) game in which you use the Electronic Crime Scanner to catch an unseen thief committing crimes in one of four buildings in the city.

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