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Review: Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza!

My cousin alerted me to the existence of this "limited time" offering from Pizza Hut today, so I made haste to enjoy it for dinner tonight. A full review follows, but first let's discuss the the two pieces that make this combination.

Is there a better cracker snack than Cheez-Its? It's one of my favorite snacks, offering a flawless combination of cheesiness (or should I say cheeziness) and crispiness. I can down an embarrassing amount of these one-inch squares, and I almost always have a box in the house.

It has been well-documented in a previous episode of the Pack Brothers Podcast (Episode #3 - Doctor Strange Pizza) that Pizza Hut is one of my favorite pizza restaurants. If an alien landed in my backyard, and he asked me to take him out for pizza, we would be going to Pizza Hut. I've had better pizza, but I grew up enjoying Pizza Hut pizza, and it never disappoints.

I sauntered into my local Hut and picked up both versions of the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza (Cheddar Cheez-It stuffed with mozzarella cheese, and Cheddar Cheez-It stuffed with pepperoni and cheese). I practically danced back to the car and giddily exceeded the speed limit on my way home to feast on cheezy goodness.

The box is the first indication that this is going to be something special. It has the same distinctive look and feel of a Cheez-It box, no rough and drab pizza box cardboard here! Let's open it up and take a gander inside.

Each box comes with four jumbo-sized stuffed Cheez-Its, with marinara sauce for your dipping pleasure. Pictured above is the cheese-stuffed version. Below is a picture of the pepperoni and cheese stuffed version (notice the darker Cheez-It shell, indicating that this version had a "toastier" Cheeze-It bake, compared to the cheese stuffed version).

These beauties are literally a handful, and offer a great combination of both the Cheez-It and the Pizza Hut experience. I'll rate each version on a scale of 1 to 10.

Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza - Cheddar Cheez-It stuffed with Cheese - 6.5/10

I sampled this version first. Saying this pizza is cheesy is definitely an understatement. It is stuffed with mozzarella, yet the Cheez-It shell safely maintains integrity (no bursting cheese here). I broke one in half to give you an idea of the cheesy contents.

It’s thin, which makes it easier to dip it in the marinara sauce (which I recommend, otherwise it can get a bit dry). But the taste is great! Not as crunchy as a regular Cheez-It, but the classic Cheez-It taste is there. The corners and edges do have a crunch to them though, and there is something satisfying about biting through the Cheez-It and into gooey mozzarella goodness. The marinara is the icing on the proverbial cake, providing a perfect compliment.

Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza - Sharp Cheddar Cheez-It stuffed with Pepperoni and Cheese - 8/10

In my humble opinion, this version is superior to it’s cheesy cousin. I feel the pepperoni is a crucial element, otherwise can you really call it a pizza? Cheese pizza is just an unrolled cheese breadstick, right? The pepperoni encased in the Cheez-It is not the traditional rounds of pepperoni you may be expecting. Instead, the pepperoni are small cubes interspersed throughout the cracker. I tried to get a picture, apologies for the lack of quality.

Maybe it was the pepperoni, maybe it was the toastier bake, or a mix of both, but this version is the one I would recommend you try.

So there you have it! These are only available for a limited time at Pizza Hut. A pack of 4 will run you $6.49 and you can order them from Thanks for reading, and happy snacking!

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